What’s With the X?

In Blog by Ben Tessman

Just say “consult” ( kon • suhlt ). It’s our name because it’s what we do.

The X came about for a variety of reasons. A few of the more cliche explanations might be obvious.

X is a target. It’s what you aim for. On a map, X typically marks wealth and profit. There are many paths to success all filled with their own unique perils and pitfalls. Xonsult can help you reach your goals.

X stands for creativity and thinking outside the box. It stands for goalsetting and achievement. X is affirmative and direct. Xonsult believes in cultivating sustainable long-term partnerships with like-minded businesses. We operate without ambiguity.

X is bold. Strong. Unmistakable. Memorable. Just like a successful business. Xonsult can take your brand and web presence places you had no idea were possible. We thrive on opportunities to simplify your complex, challenging initiatives. We turn problems into opportunities.

X is a choice. There are thousands of options out on the market promising quick results. The way we stand out is through clarity. We are confident that when you choose to partner with Xonsult, it will be due to our direct Point A to Point B approach. We understand that the flexibility to come up with creative solutions to your unique needs make all the difference for sustainable, long-term results. We listen intently to your needs and take the time to map out a logical, results-oriented plan of attack.

So What’s With the X? How did we land on the name Xonsult anyways?

We came up with the name because a good consultant is just that. We cannot do what we do without your trust and support. We do not try to change who you are. We enhance everything good about your business and help you grow into the best possible version of who you are.

The X is a bit creative. Our founder, Ben, has a son named Xander. His wife runs a successful home-spun business that incorporates his middle name into her business name. (If you’re into unique, hand-made high-quality children’s clothing, take a look at Graystitch! This is a shameless plug.) Needless to say, if it was good enough for those two, it was certainly good enough for us.