Cheeseburgers Don’t Just Appear Out of Thin Air

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[Tuesday, December 12, 2017 – 11:45pm] My two year old hurricane, Etta, has just now agreed to lay down in bed, but NOT sleep, as long as I will return in short order with the iPad and a cheeseburger.

This is a very simple post about a little girl who is not afraid to ask for what she wants. If she didn’t ask for it, she would NEVER get a cheeseburger at midnight. And you know what? If I had a cheeseburger to give her last night, I probably would have, because in return, there was a slim chance I might have gotten some much needed sleep.

Then I thought about the fun lessons related to my little maniac daughter’s determination. She’s already taught me more than I care to share in this post; but the ones I took away from our exchange last night are pretty great:

  1. Determination makes up for a lot of shortcomings and missteps. The amount of will-power my daughter exhibits every night around bedtime is insane (literally). If she retains a fraction of it into her educational and professional years, she will undoubtedly be a success. While I don’t recommend staying up late like Etta, you gotta have her unwavering stubbornness determination in order to make it in this world.
  2. Ask people for what you want. The old baseball mantra, “you’ll never hit the ball if you don’t swing!” rings true here. People are not mind-readers. People will help you if you ask them for it. People are more likely to give you what you want if you are direct and just simply ask. Just be sure you give back to keep your karma levels in check.
  3. Live every minute of every day. If you can squeeze in a cheeseburger at midnight, do it. You will not only go to bed with a full belly, but you’ll wake up with a renewed energy to conquer your day. Life is too short to regret that cheeseburger you wish you would’ve consumed.
  4. It’s ok to be irrational sometimes. If you don’t take a chance every now and again, you risk a life of stagnant predictability. If you’re careful about minimizing the risk involved, I highly encourage you to step out on a limb as often as possible. Fortune rewards the bold.
  5. Even if you don’t get what you want, people hear you. One of these days, I’ll have that cheeseburger waiting and prepared for Etta’s desperate attempt to stay up with dad just a bit longer. You never know who might be listening.

I sure do love being a dad. It takes me back to my childhood and remembering all the times I myself would sneak out of bed for a few more minutes of adventure before I called it a night. To all you Ettas out there, keep asking for your bedtime cheeseburger. It will happen for you one day.

Just not tonight.

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