4 Reasons Your Outdated Website is Costing You

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An old or outdated website is doing a lot more than just making your business look ‘out of touch’ with your customers. Even if it’s got the right copy published, you’re discrediting that message when it’s presented in a format that isn’t optimized for all of the different devices your customers are using. That’s just one of the least impactful points of consideration.

As a business owner, you may use your lack of interest or understanding of the online world as your excuse. Negligence doesn’t hold up in court, and unfortunately, it doesn’t work for your online presence either. Here are a few reasons why it’s time to make a change:

It’s losing you money.

Depending upon your business, an effective web strategy can be a catalyst for:

  • building your brand and reach;
  • converting casual visitors into paying customers;
  • maximizing sales in a variety of ways.

When you ignore your website, your customers will ignore you. I can recall a few times recently that I’ve landed on a website that was stuck in the 90’s. The interest I arrived with quickly dwindles and I bounce.

It’s always on.

Your website is working (or NOT working) for you around the clock, every day of the year. It is the face of your business online. Without a modern website, you’re losing a prime opportunity to represent your brand in exactly the way you want people to experience your company, your message, and ultimately, you as the business owner. An ineffective website does the exact opposite; by not sending the right message, you’re sending the wrong one.

It needs to evolve along with your customers.

Ron Popeil, father of the Ronco Rotisserie (among other fantastic infomercial products including hair-in-a-can), was known for the tagline, “SET IT AND FORGET IT!” With this motto, Ron would definitely NOT be the right one to help you breathe life into your online assets. Consumers are incredibly savvy when it comes to identifying an ad. A great web presence should be a fluid one. Creating compelling content and having the means to try new strategies and test and retest what works and what doesn’t can make a measurable impact on your bottom line.

It is unsecure and dangerous.

You need to think about what else an outdated website is saying between the lines. You’re showing your customers that keeping up-to-date on technology and security is not a priority to your company. So why should you deserve to conduct business with them if you’re going to open them up to potential identity theft, malware, and hackers?

I’ve seen old websites collecting sensitive customer information. If I’m considering a purchase or service and the website is old, whether or not there are visible signs of insecurities present, I’m going to think twice about giving them my business. I will certainly spend the time to scope out the competition and pick someone else who values my safety and privacy.

I understand that many businesses out there, from independent small shops to mid-sized businesses and beyond, may not have the capacity to house a web expert in-house. I know that the moment you publish online, it will become outdated tomorrow. It’s a never-ending struggle and when you are focusing your attention elsewhere, you can easily lose touch with the things you aren’t watching on a daily basis, including your online assets.

A trusted digital expert is worth their weight in gold. I invite you to reach out, even if it’s just acknowledging to someone that you need to do something about your current situation. Whether or not Xonsult is the right one to help your business, I’d be happy to give you some quick ideas on where to start.